WordPress Customer Support Services


WordPress is a great program indeed. It does play a crucial role in enhancing texts and aiding us in generating quality literature. Moreover, it also hosts blogs and thus negates the need to make separate web hosting arrangements. This enables us to reach out to the global audience but at a greatly reduced cost.

The platform, however, is not without its share of downsides. Perhaps its most significant shortcoming is the fact that it does have a poor customer support regime. This calls for external intervention.

WP Customer Support

About Us

This is the need that our company, WordPress Support exists to meet. For a start, we are a WordPress customer support company. This is to mean that we offer professional, advisory, and consultancy back-end services to the users of the WordPress Program.

We are based in California, USA but nevertheless serve entire Europe and North American regions. Our services are geared to both start-ups and corporations. We indeed have the wherewithal necessary to meet the needs of just about any kind of organization.


Services On Offer

Listed and explained hereunder are the various services we have on offer:

WordPress Issue

Under this service portfolio, we handle and fix any issues that revolve around themes, errors, and plug-ins. Our team of highly qualified and experienced experts is always on standby and ready to embark on such issues. They generally take less to do so, usually under 30 minutes!

WordPress Migration

In case you intend to migrate from one host to another, you might normally want some expert support to oversee this shift. Yet again, our skilled technicians are able to handle this particular issue as well. They are trained to take no more than 2 hours to accomplish this feat.

WordPress Hosting

You do not have to look elsewhere to have your WordPress hosted. We are indeed able to host it for you too. We have servers which can accommodate several end users. Moreover, we also complement our hosting services with round-the-clock back-end support services. We can even build a website for you before launching it!

WordPress Development

Are you a complete novice in the field of WordPress? Worry not! We are also able to cater for your needs. We are indeed capable of developing a site for you. We charge modest fees; which means for as little as $249.00, you can get a functional site put up. We also tailor our services to suit the unique needs of each client.

Woocommerce Support

To leverage the services of WordPress Premium, you will definitely have to pay. The platform accepts payments via the Woocommerce payment platforms. Any issues with the plug-in may often lead to unnecessary inconveniences. We are yet again able to sort out such issues.

WordPress Malware

Just like any other online platform, WordPress too is prone to malware, virus, and hacking. We also deal with such issues. We are able to run free scans. We also generate daily or weekly reports and relay the same to our existing clients. You may also pay us a little amount of money to get rid of any malware that may affect your site.

Why Us?

We are not the online company of its kind in existence today. However, we are first among equals. The following are a few of those factors that make us stand out:

Excellent Track Record

Our track record is excellent and speaks for itself. So far, we have fixed a whopping 112,007 issues. 7,201 of those issues were fixed in the past month alone! Certainly, these people can never be all wrong. It can only mean that we are indeed reliable and truly equal to the task. This is tangible proof that you too are guaranteed the same levels of satisfaction and job completion.

Round-the-clock Support

As hinted already, we provide round-the-clock back-end support to all our clients. Our customer is department comprises 56 team members who are spread out globally. It is this team that is always on standby and ready to handle any issues that may arise with your WordPress usage. Being operational throughout the year, you are guaranteed maximum experience and timely responses to your inquiries.

Broad Client Base

As of now, we have 11,251 + active customers who are spread out in Europe and North America. This is yet another proof of our excellence and reliability in the delivery of such services. The logic behind this is that no one ever wants a mediocre service. By attracting a huge number of clients, we can only be good and truly reliable.

Possession of the Relevant Tools-of-trade

We indeed have all the tool-of-trade necessary to fulfill this particular role. These include hardware tools, technical skill and expertise, experienced workforce, and appropriate software. This makes us all the more reliable and qualified for carrying into execution these services.

Personalized Approach

As has already been hinted, we do adopt a personalized approach while dealing with our clients. This is to mean that we treat each client as though he were the only one we have in our company. In light of this, we take our time to listen to the concerns of each of our client. We then proceed to formulate a solution that closely mirrors the problem at hand.

Faster Turnaround

Lastly, we take a comparatively short duration of time to accomplish the various tasks that may be delegated to use. In most instances, we take between 30 minutes to 2 days to do so. This faster turnaround absolves you from unnecessary anxiety besides conferring to you the benefit of utmost convenience. It also uniquely sets us apart from our competitors.

Call For Action

Now that it is quite clear that we are indeed your WordPress support company of choice, what are you waiting for? Why would you even contemplate looking elsewhere? Give us a try for your next WordPress-related issues. We are always on standby and more than ready to deal with such issues as soon as possible.

Getting started with us is pretty simple. All that is expected of you is a visit to our corporate website https://www.wpcustomerservice.com. You will also find all the relevant pieces of information which we inevitably had to leave out there. We look forward to assisting you soonest possible!